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Our idea sprouted from our combined concerns for the general well-being of our local communities. We found that health issues are particularly on the rise in Austin, Texas, with food deserts majorly responsible as the main culprit. Through our entrepreneurial spirit and collaboration with local communities, we hope to improve the diets of the citizens living in food deserts (areas with a lack of major grocery stores). By providing easily accessible, fresh, healthy alternatives directly to the community, we are confident that a healthier lifestyle can be enhanced one bite at a time.

Students for Wema

In addition to being an Enactus project, Students for Wema is also a seperate organization on campus composed of a mix of McCombs, Natural Sciences, and Liberal Arts majors working to build a micro-enterprise bakery at an orphanage in Kenya. We hope to provide the orphanage with a sustainable source of income, instill business skills, and provide employment to older girls in the village of Bukembe at risk for joining the sex trade. For students at McCombs, we aim to create or add to a service learning class for students interested in working as advisers to the bakery., to allow our students a chance to practice their classroom knowledge in an impactful real-world setting. This year, we have partially fulfilled our mission in gaining $21,000 in donations, pledges, and fundraising. In addition, we also have a McCombs professor on board to help develop and teach the service learning class.