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Extraordinary Ventures

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EV is one of our newest projects. Their mission is to establish sustainable businesses that employ young adults with disabilities in an integrated setting with typical (people without disabilities) employees.

Driven took first place in Texas Enactus' social venture pitch competition. After conducting firsthand research, the Driven team chose to build an online platform that can be used by homeless individuals to perform small or short-term tasks for Austin small businesses. The homeless individual receives pay for these tasks, and the small businesses are able to rate the reliability of the employee. These payments would also be accrued to a debit card to protect against theft, a common problem for the homeless. In combination, this provides the employee with a convenient source of incomes and helps them build a new work history, along with a reliability score. The work history and reliability score help to overcome a major source of stigma for homeless individuals in terms of reliability, and helps these individuals integrate back into the workforce quicker.