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The Executive Board of Texas Enactus, in compliance with the regulations and policies of The University of Texas at Austin, establish this Constitution to govern matters within this organization in order that our purpose be realized to its fullest extent.


Article I: Purpose


To inspire change for a better world


Article II: Membership


i. Pay membership dues


ii. Be present at a simple majority of Texas Enactus meetings and events


iii. Be a current University of Texas at Austin student


iv. Keep the organization within the business student minimum ratio set by the McCombs


Article III: Executive Board


Section 1 - Composition


i. President


ii. Executive Vice President


iii. Corporate Relations Vice President


iv. Financial Vice President


v. Membership Vice President


vi. Technology Vice President


vii. Projects Vice President


Section 2 - Appointment


The appointment of new Executive Board officers shall take place between the second and third Friday of the month of April, with the application process starting two weeks before. The former Executive Board shall select the new Executive Board based on caliber of application, interview, and membership achievements during the academic year. The method of voting can be left to each Executive Board to decide.


The President and Vice Presidents may choose to create committees each academic year. Appointment to these committees will be made by a vote from the Executive Board. The method of voting can be left to each Executive Board to decide.


Section 3 - Qualifications for Executive Board and Committees


i. Must be an active member of Texas Enactus


ii. Must not have a graduation date that occurs before or during the specified term


iii. Must not be on scholastic probation from The University of Texas at Austin


Article IV: Duties of the Executive Board


Section 1 - Term of Office


The term of office shall be for one year starting from the date of appointment to the appointment of the next Executive Board. No member of the Executive Board may hold the same position within the Executive Board for more than one-term consecutively. An individual may be appointed to a previous position he/she has held after being out of office for one term.


Section 2 - General Duties


i. Be a voting member for committee and Executive Board appointments


ii. Be present at all General Meetings, Executive Board meetings, and events. Exceptions to this requirement are limited to instances of illness, family obligation, or executing a school function for which the officer is required to attend.


iii. Maintain regular communication with the Executive Board


iv. Participate in all mandated funding efforts, as set by the President


v. Train and transition duties to the succeeding Executive Board


vi. Support compliance to Enactus USA requirements


vii. Guide organization towards success at Enactus USA competitions


Section 3 - Officer Duties


The duties of each officer shall consist of, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:




i. Preside over and prepare agendas for all General and Executive Board meetings


ii. Serve as the official representative of Texas Enactus to external (student, university, press, and corporate) organizations


iii. Ensure that Texas Enactus is operating in conformity with the standards set forth by its Constitution


iv. Make final decisions regarding organizational efforts, strategy, and planning


v. Maintain regular communication with the organization advisor


vi. Delegate responsibilities and excuse officers for meetings as necessary


vii. Must be available to attend Enactus USA competitions


Executive Vice President


i. Facilitate orderly communication between President and officer corps, and between officers


ii. Lead process improvement initiatives and provide services important to the functioning of the organization as directed by the President


iii. Oversee national competition preparations


iv. Set and maintain full annual calendar for the organization


v. Must be available to attend Enactus USA competitions


Corporate Relations Vice President


i. Establish and oversee a Business Advisory Board (BAB) to provide funding and mentorship for Texas Enactus, its members, and its projects.


ii. Find and provide ample funding opportunities for projects and the organization as a whole


iii. Compile annual newsletter, due at the last day of each academic year, to be presented to all business advisory board members and alumni who opt-in to receive the newsletter


Projects Vice President


i. Consult regularly with project teams to ensure smooth progression of projects


ii. Provide resources to project teams, including business advisory board resources, to facilitate organizational growth and successful project outcomes


Financial Vice President


i. Maintain an accurate ledger of all transactions


ii. Manage and ensure accuracy of fund accounts


iii. Collaborate with other officers on projects and activities, allocating funds in consultation with the Executive Board


iv. Organize national competition lodgings, travel, and other accommodations


v. Make all payment of financial obligations in timely manner


Membership Vice President


i. Develop and execute plan of action to recruit and retain new members


ii. Arrange all socials, including but not limited to: making reservations, gathering equipment, signing up members, and organizing rides


iii. Order food, take attendance, and record membership


iv. Order and distribute member shirts


Technology Vice President


i. Maintain and update the Texas Enactus website and social media sites weekly


ii. Record relevant activities for compilation into the Annual Competition Video each year


iii. Create PowerPoint presentations for General Meetings


iv. Create fliers to be posted on bulletin board prior to meeting


v. Design the email template for weekly emails


vi. Communicate with members by weekly reminder e-mails


v. Office of Student Life


Article V: Organization Advisor Duties


i. Work closely with the organization and support its programs and activities through brainstorming, facilitation, offering suggestions/ideas, and discussing possible consequences


ii. Be well-informed about plans and activities of the organization, attend some meetings, and consult frequently with the organization's Executive Board


iii. Know the goals and direction of the organization and help the group evaluate its progress


iv. Be aware of the organization's constitution and bylaws and assist with interpretation as necessary


v. Provide a source of continuity within the organization and provide historical knowledge


vi. Be knowledgeable of University and McCombs policies and procedures and help the organization comply with them


vii. Encourage good record keeping and professional communication, especially with regard to organization finances and interactions with employers


viii. Participate in the officer transition process and training of new Executive Board members to develop strong leadership


ix. Serve as a mediator and assist with major problems or emergencies within the organization


x. Promote member participation and Executive Board leadership, while encouraging a balance between academic pursuits and other commitments


xi. There must always be one McCombs faculty advisor


xii. There may be multiple organization advisors, at least one of which must be a Sam Walton Fellow (as designated by Enactus USA) that can fulfill the requirements set by Enactus USA (e.g. escort team to competitions, employed by academic institution team represents, etc.)


Article VI: Finances


Section 1 - Dues


Texas Enactus will establish reasonable dues that must be paid by all members. The amount of the dues will be determined in the beginning of the academic year by the Executive Board.


Section 2 - Ledger


The Financial Vice President shall maintain a ledger of all financial records and shall co-sign with the President for any organization transactions.


Section 3 - Budget


The Financial Vice President shall maintain a budget for all proposed financial expenditures. The budget will be submitted at the beginning of each semester.


Article VII: Resignation and Removal from Office


Section 1 Resignation


Any officer may resign during the course of their term. The resignation must be submitted in writing to the Executive Board; once submitted, it becomes effective immediately.


Section 2 Impeachment


Any officer can be impeached for: failure to perform general and officer-specific duties properly and in good faith; not representing the best interests of Texas Enactus and/or behavior adversely affecting the standing of the organization at the University of Texas at Austin, on campus or in the community. A current officer on the Executive Board or the Organization Advisor must issue a letter of impeachment in writing to the Executive Board detailing the alleged failures of an officer.


Section 3 - Removal from Office


Any impeached officer can be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board at any Executive Board meeting. Any letter of impeachment must be addressed within 10 days of submission.


Section 4 - Vacancy


If an Executive Board position is to become vacant due to resignation, impeachment, etc., the Executive Board has the power to temporarily appoint someone to fill the vacant position, so as to not interfere with the workings of Texas Enactus The person appointed to fill the vacant position must be approved by at least two-thirds vote of the Executive Board. The seat must be permanently filled by beginning of the next term.


Article VIII: Constitutional Amendments


Section 1 - Proposal


In order for an amendment to be considered, it must be submitted as a written proposal to a member of the Executive Board.


Section 2 - Consideration and Ratification


In order to adopt the amendment, a vote of two-thirds of the Executive Board is required. The Executive Board may delay adoption of the amendment until the following year.


Article IX:


This Constitution shall become immediately effective for Texas Enactus upon a two-thirds majority vote of approval by the current Executive Board.