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Join us at our general meetings on Tuesdays at 5 pm in GSB 5.155!



A head for business. A heart for the world.

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What we do...

Using our unique skills and abilities, we design projects to create sustainable solutions for the city of Austin and beyond. We strive to promote and implement creative ideas, enable progress through entrepreneurial action, build strong relationships between each other and the community, and share our impact at Enactus competitions.

Texas Enactus was founded in 2011 by a motivated group of students at the McCombs School of Business. Today, we have over sixty members working together with academic and business leaders as a part of an international non-profit organization. At its core, Enactus is about creating social change through environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable initiatives. Using our unique skills and abilities, Texas Enactus students recognize community needs and build out ventures to address them. We are making a splash all the way from the City of Austin to Bukembe, Kenya.

Who we are...


Our students compete at the Enactus exposistions across the country.In 2012, Texas Enactus won the "Rookie of the Year" title. In 2013, we were quarterfinalists at national competition. In 2016, our team placed in the top 12 of about 200 competing teams in the United States! We receive funding for our projects at each competition, as well as network with business leaders from across the globe.